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Todo Telling Time

No sound. No tech support. No refund. Big mistake, bought the bundle and none of the apps have sound. WASTE OF MONEY. PS. TECH support told me to turn the sound on five times......thanks for nothing.


Great tool to learn about time, days, and months. See how the sky and the moon changes on the main page!

It is a fun app for learning time.

Reading time is one of difficult tasks for my son. But this app can help him who feels difficulty in reading time. He can learn how to read time by playing games. This is the best app for reading time for my son. Thanks a lot.

Not in Spanish

I thought this bundle was available in spanish

This game is useless for my son

I bought this app bc my son's therapist uses it. There is NO SOUND on memory, which is the whole reason I got it, so my son could follow and recall SPOKEN commands. It works as it is supposed on the therapist's IPad which is the same version as mine so it makes no sense. Very disappointed.

New songs

It is a must-have for all kindergartners. Love the songs and beautiful graphics!


Awesome!! This is really great app!

Great Telling Time App!

Love this app for classroom use! Teaches the fundamentals of telling time in quick and engaging games.

App crashes in the schedule section on level 4

The app crashes on level 4 in the schedule section, right after the page with the iPhone. Hoping for a bug fix soon!

Fun and Effective !

This app is indeed fun and effective. I wish it offered tracking progress with individual accounts for multiple children.

Love app

Use with kindergarten class. It has everything needed to teach days of week, months, time, counting, etc. With each category, you can adjust level of learning.

Fun learning

This app has been a fun way to reinforce time telling skills with my kids. Levels go from quite simple to fairly advanced ("how much time has passed?" questions) I really like that days of the week/months of the year are covered as well and love the songs that came with this update.

Great app

After only two times on app my son(5) is understanding what a half hour means. My7 year also enjoys playing too.

Love new songs!

Love new songs and beautiful pictures!

Wonderful app

Such a variety of games and time concepts! Beautifully done and fun to play.

New songs!

New songs for every month. Nice update.

Awesome app for teaching kids how to tell time!

Even adult myself enjoyed playing this. Beautifully executed artwork/design. The songs are also great. I would totally use this app to teach any kids I know who have hard time learning about time. Highly recommended!

Great telling time app!

I've tried many apps about telling time, and I can say this is by far the best. I'm impressed by the quality and the quantity of the sub games, not to mention the movement/change of sun/moon/sky/train in the main page as the clock moves (or being manipulated.). Highly recommended!

My brother with Down’s loves this, beautifully designed

Like Todo Math, Todo Telling Time is beautifully designed, unlike many other educational apps that I found which has ugly graphics and a user-unfriendly interface. My brother with Down Syndrome started playing this a few months ago when it first came out, and he has improved a lot in his grasps of time concepts! He’s still having some difficulty ascertaining analogue time (he gets confused between 8.45 and 9.45; he’d think the hour hand pointing at 8 is 9, because the hand is too close to 9), so I’m hoping that there will be a mini game to teach that difference. I also have a suggestion: can the 'stars' collected be used to unlock, say, a song, or another mini game, or something like that? My brother enjoyed the new songs that were introduced in the latest update in Days & Weeks. :) Great job guys! Here’s looking forward to more apps and new songs / mini games for Todo Telling Time.

Can we keep it?

That's what my 6-year-old asked after some time with this app. This is a fun, well-designed product with time woven consistently throughout. Todo is cute and the level was just right for the early elementary years.

Two thumbs up!

Best app for learning to tell time! Great quality, awesome graphics, plenty of games! Two thumbs up!

Buy it!

No need to second think it. If you're looking at this app you've already completed step one. Step two...BUY IT. They make quality apps and as an early education teacher I highly recommend it. I REALLY wish education apps were as educational and classroom friendly as this one.

No volume on ipad

Really love the app, on my iPhone works jst fine. However on my ipad therez no volume at all. Have deleted and reinstalled the app no change - help !!!

Todo telling Time

Todo Telling TIme is the best app I have used to teach the concept and ability to tell time. With 6 different activities , each having 3-5 difficulty levels students will not be bored. each activity is engaging and easy to use,with very nice graphics and sound. The final activity is a quiz which allows the player to test their time telling ability and understanding of time concepts. Activating the star in lower left corner brings up a calendar which tells how long a player has played and how many stars they have collected. My students loved the ability to sequence days of week and months - correct sequencing reveals a picture. The parent page is easily accessed and explains what is inside this app and the focus of each activity. It also has a privacy policy and access to more resources. I highly recommend this app, it is simply fantastic

Love It!!!!

I am so HAPPY I found this amazing app. It is jam packed with tons of life skills and language areas. I was surprised to find the auditory memory games, sequencing tasks, concept activities, in addition to all of the wonderful calendar, clock work, weather, and so many other areas. Thank you for making one of the best apps out there to target so many skills.


I've been searching the App Store for a well rounded, fun app to help my 4 year old with learning how to tell time... This is it. The home screen makes a great app by itself, but the inclusion of listings for days if the week and months if the year is very nice. It would be nice if the app indicated what the current day/month it is on these charts too. It would be nice I the quiz spoke the questions as my daughter is still learning to read and she loves to play with this app, even when I'm not beside her to read the questions to her. So she just guesses until she gets the right answer. I really like this app. It is supplementing my daughter's education in telling in ways that are fun and engaging. Thank you :D

Great App!

Todo Telling Time is an engaging and comprehensive app that reinforces various aspects of telling time for children. It contains six mini-games and each focus on a different aspect of telling time. One reinforces the placement of the numbers on the clock face in varying degrees of difficulty, one reinforces scheduling, one deals with the calendar (days and months), one is a memory game to reinforce the number placement, one asks the user to name the time shown on a clock face, and one is a quiz based on the other games. The levels of difficulty make it challenging for kids with various degrees of knowledge in telling time, and the cute animations make it engaging for the user. In using this, I learned that my son is much better at telling time than I thought, because he enjoyed playing it and going through all the levels. It uses simple animations and reinforcement to keep the user engaged. It is fairly comprehensive in time, asking users to both move hands on a clock in one game, and label the time shown in another along with reinforcing the concepts of both time and clocks. There were no in-app purchases or ads, and external links were hidden behind a parents section. I highly recommend this app for preschool, elementary, homeschooling, or special needs families to reinforce the concept of telling time. I wish it had user profiles to allow for multiple users, but that's the only drawback I saw.

Incredibly Designed Game for All Ages

Wow! If I was still in the classroom, this would have been extremely helpful -- even for my high schoolers. I taught in a low-income, urban setting and know that, between then engaging UI, the easy-to-use games, and the fun characters, my students would have boosted their skills in no time. Keep it up Locomotive Labs! :)

Beautifully done

Best way for a kid to explore and learn the concept of time!

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